Oomka's Loyalty Program

Doggy daycare isn't a one time purchase for most dog owners - which is why we are excited to announce that we have created a loyalty program for our daycare and boarding customers. So the more you use our service, the more savings you get! 

This program will constantly be improving, so it's best to be subscribed to our newsletter, or follow us on social media to be the first to know of future changes!

The Overview: Daycare Loyalty

Our daycare loyalty program activates after you purchase at least ONE bundle.

All 20 and 30 day visit bundles purchased after your first, you will recieve one full day FREE! 

*For 20 and 30 visit half day bundles, you will receive 2 half visits FREE!

There is no extra sign ups required to become a loyalty member, you will receive the deal automatically! 



Overnight Boarding Loyalty

We wanted to create a boarding loyalty program that can be used by the frequent AND infrequent traveler, so we simplified our criteria!


For every 10 days of overnight boarding you book, you will get one night FREE! 

- The 10 nights do not need to be booked all together, can be split by multiple stays!

- There is a 6 month time limit, so you have to book 10 days in a 6 month period to receive the free night